Infra Red Heating

Green Energy North Wales specialise in the supply and/or installation and design of energy efficient infrared heating panels for use as top up room heaters to complete central home heating, or heating large office complexes to small garden offices, treatment or therapy rooms, schools and shops

Our panels are ideally suited to homes, new build properties or extensions as the white colour is designed for use on domestic ceilings and the power levels are generally suitable for one panel per room of the house. Installation is required by a competent electrician who can fit the panels along with room thermostats or timers for even greater efficiency. If you are renovating an older property with larger rooms, high ceilings or a damp problem please talk to us before ordering or position more smaller panels to best advantage.

Our range of heaters start with a small 350w panel which will heat an area of about 7 square metres, this panel is 60cm square. Our most powerful 850w panel will heat about 17 square metres, it measures 60cm by 120cm. All panels are just 2.5cm deep and are easily fixed to the wall or ceiling by four screws, white panels are lightweight

A cost effective heating solution.

Infrared heating panels have been widely used in Europe for the past ten years, panels provide gentle infrared warmth to the skin, just like sitting in the sun, and use very little energy. Infrared heats people and objects rather than the air between, the air is heated as a secondary effect, in modern well insulated homes this warmth is easily maintained and the panel will modulate to draw less electrical power.


Infrared heating firstly creates warmth on the skin, by stimulating the blood circulation the heat will permeate deeply around the body, body temperature is maintained by the insulating effect of the surrounding air. Heat can move around the body by encouraging optimum blood circulation for this reason infrared is the ideal choice for those sitting for long periods of time. Infrared also warms the very structure of the building, walls and objects are heated which in turn give off their own heat, providing long lasting warmth, homogenous atmosphere and therefore a healthier environment.

Infrared has been successfully used for many years by health practitioners to help in the healing process of a number of complaints, but in much larger “doses”. Our heating panels are of low wattage and will simply provide gentle warmth. Good blood circulation combined with good clean air quality may help promote a healthier well being.

Infrared heating can be of help to those who suffer from bronchial conditions as the air quality will be still and stable compared to other methods of heating that heat the air, hot rising air creates currents and dust circulation along with scorched air and drowsiness.

How Much Do They Cost to Run?

Infrared is a very efficient form of heating because it is heating you and not trying to heat the air, this will be warmed as a secondary effect, also once the panel reaches optimum temperature it will modulate on and off to maintain temperature and therefore drawing less power. However as with any form of heating, running costs will vary depending on the construction of the building, the quality of insulation, and the natural heat retention properties of the building.

In our example a kilowatt hour of electricity costs about 13 pence per unit (this will depend on your tariff) then our 600 watt heater will cost about 7.5 pence per hour to run to get the room up to temperature, and as low as 3 pence an hour to maintain the temperature. An 850 watt panel will cost about 11 pence per hour to run to get the room up to temperature, and as low as 4 pence an hour to maintain temperature.

All electrical energy is used to produce heat, there are no lights, fans or noise, so our heaters are very economical and silent to run. A newly developed reflector technology allows 98% of the infrared rays to be radiated from the front of the panel.

Any additional savings to my heating bill?

Zone heating.

Our electricians will be able to advise you about using programmers to have full control of your heating. Arrange zones where heating can be on to provide background warmth only, zones that require longer hours of heating, or zones that require a higher temperature. Many conventional central heating systems have a simple timer which controls all of the heating across the whole house; it comes on at 6 in the morning goes off at 8.30, comes on again at 4 in the afternoon and goes off at 10 bedtime. But actually do we need the living room toasty warm in the morning? When nobody goes in there until the evening! A programmer could save you money on your electricity bill by simply only heating the rooms which need heating and when you are using them.

If an 850 watt living room heater is on for 8.5 hours a day at 11 pence per hour that could cost about 94 pence a day to run, however if the same heater were only on for 4 hours it would only cost 44 pence to run, saving you 50 pence per day, over 200 days that’s £100 saved per winter! Programmers also allow you to set up a minimum temperature and a number of set points, so the heating can be programmed to come on low during the day just to prevent the room becoming very cold in the depths of winter. With any form of heating, it will always take longer to warm a room from a very cold start and more energy efficient to maintain some background warmth to the structure of the building. At other times of the year there may be no need for any warm up period as the infrared can be felt on the skin.

Programmers should be altered to the heating needs due to the time of year, when the weather is particularly cold it may be better to have the heating on low for longer periods, and when the weather is chilly it may only be necessary to have the living room and bathrooms on. The regular use of zone heating will save energy and ultimately save money.

Turn the thermostat down.

Infrared warms people and objects and not the air between, so warmth can be felt on the skin. Room thermostats can be turned down by one or two degrees and the room still be comfortably warm. By turning the thermostat down you will be using less electricity and saving money.

Lower energy consumption.

Many convection heaters will use double the wattage amount of our infrared panels to heat a similar sized area. Infrared heating panels have low energy consumption and will draw down even lower once optimum temperature is attained by modulating. This will significantly reduce the energy cost to run our heaters.

Maintenance free.

Infrared heating panels are maintenance free, there are no moving parts, so no servicing is required. Once installed there are no additional annual costs to be incurred other than the usual running cost


Advantages of infrared

  • ·         Direct heat to the skin for optimum blood circulation and warmth to the body core.
  • ·         Even room temperature distribution with no hot or cold spots.
  • ·         Constant and stable humidity conditions.
  • ·         No dust circulation or movement of air.
  • ·         Lower air temperatures create a better working atmosphere.
  • ·         Heats walls, floor and furniture to radiate heat back into the room.
  • ·         Energy efficient by heating people directly and not heating the air between.
  • ·         Low installation costs and maintenance free.
  • ·         No loss of space as heaters can be fixed into the ceiling or hung high on the wall.
  • ·         No safety hazards, no wires on the floor, pipes or boilers, no safety covers required.
  • ·         Attractive design and made from quality materials.


All our panels meet the current high standards set out by the Safety Standards Authority.

TUV Rheinland is a global provider of technical, safety and certification services, with the principles of safety and quality in mind. Our panels carry the triangle logo and product safety mark.

CE marking is a mandatory legal conformity requirement for all products sold within the European Union. The CE marks objective is to ensure only safe, flawless and quality goods are available on the European market.

IP54 Ingress Protection tests are carried out to quantify the levels of safety of a product. The first number is a test for particles and the second number for water ingress protection. Our panels are rated a level 5 for protection against dust particles entering the product and rated 4 for protection against splashing water. IP54 means the panel can be used in the bathroom or wet room in Zone 3.

NEN1010 This European standard contains safety requirements to low voltage installations in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

EN 60335 2-30:2003+A1+A2 Specification for room heaters.

EN60335 1:2002+A1+A11+A12+A2 Specifications for safety of household and similar appliances.

EN50366 2003+A1 Specifications for household and similar electrical appliances and equipment. Electromagnetic field evaluation. TARIC 9018200000

Infrared heating panels can be used in conjunction with voltage optimisation devices for greater energy efficiency and due to their low energy usage can be used with the free electricity generated by solar PV panels.

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